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No such thing as too many drums

Monday night, Middle East Upstairs, P-Town rocked the mother fucking chicken.

First up was Bearstronaut, with a name like that they have to be a certain level of awesomeness. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view openers) they were alright. Some good tunes but nothing that really grabbed me. I think the main thing going against them is that they are the most generic looking group of white guys... ever. I don't really mean that to be offensive, it's just how they look. They are going up against Angelakos' hair for Boston synthpop fandom. I really do wish Bearstronaut luck and wouldn't mind seeing them down the road again.

Next up came Deelay Ceelay a Portland drum duo. Talk about unexpected. I doubt anyone in the room had heard of them but as soon as the fog machine kicked in, the background video ran and they starting wailing away the whole audience was in love. Great dance beats, really well done sampling composition, just pure fun, interesting music that even sounds great over my computer speakers. The T.I. Whatever You Like cover got the group of girls from Northeastern in a dance frenzy.

Be sure to download their songs and send them a poem. If you're cool, much hipper than I, you will also catch them if they ever do anything for the Time-Based Art Festival again.

In comes Starfucker continuing the drumming beat down by starting their set with three guys drumming away. They went with their German Love outfits and drew plenty of strange looks from people who just happened to be at the show. Not a band for a lot of talk as setup between songs was filled with fuzzy radio chatter similar to the one in the Medicine video (which is a killer video and song). What mattered is that they had everyone jumping and moving. Girls Just Want To Have Fun cover was especially a huge hit.

There were a couple negative points though. The singers could barely be heard. It's not like Starfucker really has need to hear lyrics but it adds another layer to their songs. Another nit was that because how loud they turn up the music at The Middle East and how small the Upstairs showroom is, the song with a lot of high pitched noise was deafening.

Overall, it was a kick ass show and lived up to all my expectations. Would love to see them again with more space to git jiggy wid it!


By now you have seen Ernie Anastos' on air blooper: "Keep Fucking That Chicken". An instant classic. That one brilliant moment in television more than makes up for all the stupid banter between newscasters in the past and for the future. 'KFTC' is sure to be on the list of new phrases for 2009 that will not go away. I, for one, am all for it.

Anastos' joke is well crafted, well executed, but the blunder just hits it out of the ballpark. It leads to a whole scene to makes it one of the top memorable videos. Oh sure he swore on air, not hilarious in itself, but that it slipped as he was trying to finish his joke, his anchorman delivery, the appearance that he did not realize the slip, and the reaction by both the anchorwoman and the weatherman just fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. You can't make this up with such details (Will Ferrell tried admirably).

H1N1 at PAX

So if anyone says they had a great time at the Penny Arcade Expo, GET AWAY FROM THEM NOW!!!!


I thought nerds would destroy the world through robots not as a viral vector.


I just caught myself with two unnoticed their != there mistakes in my posts. I'm now on time out for the rest of the day.

Rant of the Day

Bank of America's website is pure crap. All I want to do is see a list of banking centers and their hours because the stupid ass banking industry keeps highly inconvenient hours for working people. Yes, make your open times easiest for those with unsteady/no jobs! No wonder our banking system is on such stable footing... oh snap, nevermind. Furthermore they are using this piece of poop Bing map which refuses to load. What's so hard about giving me a list of locations in Boston and their hours and contact info? Basic stuff that used to be easy to get in the web 1.0 days, now everything is hidden under AJAX and Flash that information is no longer available on the Internet. Progress in action.

NYT: Fat Foods Make You Doopid, but Look at this Delicious Hamburger

The New York Times is reporting on a study that showed rats which were fed on a high fat diet did worse in a maze and on the treadmill. The basic 'news summarizing a study' article. Nothing wrong with it except the picture of a giant, delicious looking hamburger and fries. Seriously, what the hell!?! How many people read that article and then just get a craving for a hamburger? They put this in their "Well" section under "Health", great artistic juxtaposition there NYT.

Song Stuck in My Head

I'm reading Dante's Inferno and learning about the nine circles of hell. Mind you I'm an atheist but I think it may be rubbing off on me because I have REO Speedwagon's Keep On Loving You stuck in my head. I'm pretty sure Dante described this torture of the soul in his seventh circle for violence against art.

The Evolution of the Internet

Web 1.0 = Be thought a fool.
Web 2.0 = Open our mouths and remove all doubt.

Birthday Hike

So that everyone knows I'll be taking the T to the Blue Hills and going along the Skyline trail for my birthday tomorrow.

Google Maps

The Foie Gras Parable

Been on a TED talk binge today and truly inspired by many of the videos but Dan Barber's Foie Gras Parable is one that really touched my heart. My friends should know well that cooking and food have a really deep meaning to me. Not just the taste but the process and what our choices mean in the world at large -- that our choice in eating has an effect on our soul beyond the well known physiological benefits.

The foie gras parable is that foie gras is absolutely wonderful tasting but it makes me sick to my stomach the same way that seeing beef production makes me sick. In this video Dan Barber shows us how foie gras doesn't have to be that way and not only is it ethical it can also be tastier. If you have never eaten a carrot or tomato from a local farm using 'real' farming techniques then you have never eaten a carrot or tomato in your life. Food doesn't have to be a production in both meanings of the word. To quote Barber:

...the great blessing for chefs, and for people that care about food and cooking, is that the most ecological choice for food is also the most ethical choice for food. ... And it's also almost always, and I haven't found an example otherwise, but almost always, the most delicious choice. That's serendipitous.

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