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Church at Wally's

Was at Wally's Cafe again last night to have a simple evening listening to music. Been listening to some Pistoleros, Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper and Old Joy this morning. Later on I'm heading to The Phoenix's Best Music Poll free concert at city hall.

Music is my religion.

I go and listen and not understand the intricacies of it all but I go anyways to move my soul, my heart and my body. Music is a message to the spirit and like religion or philosophy why limit oneself to any one ideology? Jazz, pop, dance hall, trance, aggrotech, hip hop, all tell a story that any soul can strive to understand and appreciate. To quote my friend, "If it's quality, it's quality" and should speak soundly to you if you want to listen.

Microsoft takes a poop on my desktop again

The VA switched to Office 2007 from 2003. That's fine, they gotta use their site license and keep things updated. The problem is that Microsoft sucks monkey nut balls with their latest UI. They take good ideas and drag it through poop and then give it to the user without smelling it first. Apple's stance is that they'll tightly integrate everything and make it a bitch for the user to do something different which is great because the Apple zealots want to be told what to do. Microsoft lets the user do anything they want and then obtrusively bitch at them. Clippy was a great example of this: annoying users isn't a helpful form of interaction.

If Java is a dead, heavyweight language then the Java Zombie Monster must be eating a lot of brains

A quick summary of Java 7 language changes pointed me to the proposals of some of the upcoming additions to Java. I had looked through a bunch of the front runner proposals a long time ago but now they are stacking up the ones which have already been included and ones that may make it in. Quite exciting stuff actually and its a good time to be a Java developer.

Magic Magic is Gonna Go Places

Caught my first show at The Middle East tonight, mainly to see Magic Magic again after being quite impressed by their Somerville Art Beat appearance. Magic Magic was the first of four acts but I honestly believe they will be the ones to go the furthest. Great, interesting sound for a very young band. Their weaknesses will go away in time.

Squirvoid and the Three Stalls

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Squirvoid. He went for a walk in the hallway; pretty soon, he came upon a restroom. He knocked and, when no one answered, he walked right in.

Along the edge of the restroom, there were three beige stalls. Squirvoid just had lunch and he very much needed to poo. He stepped into the first, and biggest, stall.

"This stall is clogged and has no toilet paper" he said.

So, he peeked into the second stall which was smaller than the first but bigger than the third.

"This stall has splatter on the seat!" he exclaimed.

So, he looked into the smallest of the stalls.

"Ahhh, this stall is just right," he declared happily finding his porcelain throne.

Classes that should be required in school

Just watched The Daily Show on Hulu with Robert Kenner as the guest. Kenner's film, Food, Inc., has been out now for a couple weeks. During the interview John Stewart mentioned price and convenience as factors of our current situation -- we want our food now and for as little as possible, disregarding any other factors. It dawned on me that there is a pretty simple effort that could be done to help relieve this food crisis.

The Folly of Barron's Latest Article

I believe Mr. Savitz's article, The Folly of Google's Latest Gambit, misses the point about Google Chrome OS.

Netbooks are a misnomer; while people do use them to connect with the Web, they use them for a lot of other things. Customers want netbooks to run standard software, including Office. And I doubt there will ever be a version of Office for Chrome OS.

"Just do it this way" design pattern

The design pattern convention over configuration first hit my consciousness when I took a peek at Ruby on Rails many moons ago. Its application in my own development didn't really dawn on me until I started using Apache Maven but I soon realized it was quite prevalent. Some other examples include symfony PHP framework and even Google's Android framework.

Carnitas Burrito: The Great American Dream

In a global economy you would like to believe you can get anything anywhere. As much as I am a supporter of the buy local mantra there are some items from various regions around the world I must have to survive. One of those special delicacies is the seemingly elusive carnitas burrito. The topic comes to mind as I sit here masticating my Anna's carnitas super burrito. It gives me time to reflect on my seemingly impossible quest to find a carnitas burrito in Boston that I can love.

Crazy homeless people have been twittering for hundreds of years

Twitter is not a technological revolution! Exclamation. Its a nifty (not really) tool in a sea of tools on the Internet. Twitter has not opened up any doors to communication. You know what opens up doors to communication? Going to someone's face and saying, "You! Yeah you! I'm talking directly to YOU because I have something to say directed to you." Twitter is just the further de-evolution of meaningful, directed messages no longer for a specific person or audience but just another data point for mass consumption.

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